Citizens Raise Concerns About City Raises

Jul 5, 2016

Credit Mark Goebel via Flickr

A number of high ranking Tallahassee city officials are slated for high raises. But  some citizens aren’t too happy about it.

A group that calls itself the Budget Hawks is pushing back against a plan that would mean multi thousand dollar raises for some city employees. The group argues when it comes to pay bumps, all workers should be treated equally. And City Manager Rick Fernandez says there is a plan to give all city employees raises.

What’s in the budget right now is a 2-percent across the board increase, but there will be a minimum a of $1,000 for all employees,” Fernandez says.

Fernandez says that increase will be finalized in September. Meanwhile, officials say the larger raises for high ranking employees are more representative of what those workers could make in the private market and are more than made up for by a reorganization that isolated about a $1 dollars in savings.