Citing Looming Deficit, Superintendent Rocky Hanna Urges Veto Of Ed Budget, HB 7069

Jun 1, 2017

The Leon County School District expects to have a $40,000 deficit for the upcoming school year and stands to lose another $800,000 in construction and maintenance funding.  Now Superintendent Rocky Hanna is joining the calls for a veto of both the education budget, and a conforming bill.

Despite a small increase in state education funding, Leon County schools will find itself in the red by about $40,000. In a letter addressed to Governor Rick Scott, Hanna says its largely due to an increase in retirement costs, a growing number of students, and relatively flat revenue from the state.

The district is also projecting it will lose nearly $786,000  in its locally generated construction and maintenance fund. Under House Bill 7069 districts are required to share a portion of those dollars with charter schools. Hanna says the district has more than $90 million in outstanding projects, with only about $20 million coming in for them. Losing even more money from the fund only increases the gap.

Hanna other superintendents and education organizations are calling for Governor Rick Scott to veto that bill and the education budget as well.