Carroll pushes back against critics of Gov's "Stand Your Ground" task force

May 1, 2012

Governor Rick Scott’s “Stand Your Ground” task force is rejecting claims from some Democrats that it is biased in favor of the law. Lynn Hatter reports, the group pushed back against the bias claims at its first meeting Tuesday.

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll is chairing the group, officially called the “Task force for Citizen Safety and Protection".  And she takes issue with its critics, who say the makeup of the group is biased.

 “Out of the 19 total members of the task force, I am unaware of the other 15 members’ position on the law, and whether they favor or disfavor gun laws. So it is a mischaracterization for anyone to presume that this task force is not balanced.”

One of those critics, Democratic Senator Chris Smith, released his own set of recommendations on how to change the law Monday. Fellow Democrat Representative Dwight Bullard has also expressed concerns over whether one particular member, Representative Dennis Baxley, the law’s original sponsor, should have a seat on the task force.