Capital Report: Domestic Partnership Debate Heats Up

Feb 25, 2013

A bill allowing domestic partnerships in Florida had its first committee hearing but stalled over some lawmakers’ concerns that it’s unconstitutional. Jessica Palombo reports, the bill’s sponsor has chosen to do some more work to the bill to make it just right…

Every year, thousands of students fail to get a standard Florida high school diploma despite staying in school. Those students aren’t considered dropouts, but they aren’t counted as graduates either. Instead, as Lynn Hatter reports- , those students are falling into a bit of “diploma limbo.”

Some say utility companies are taking advantage of a Florida law letting the companies start charging their customers for nuclear power plants before they even start construction. Now Regan McCarthy reports, a group of lawmakers is looking to crack down on the process, while maintaining an avenue for those companies to build the nuclear plants.

A Republican-backed proposal to reduce the number of former inmates going back into Florida’s prisons is now taking shape in the form of a bill. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, some unions and even some Republicans may not be on board with the “Smart Justice” idea.

A veteran newspaper reporter often called “The Most Feared Woman in Florida” gives her take on the case of former Republican Party of Florida Chair Jim Greer. Tom Flanigan reports Lucy Morgan shared her thoughts with the Capital Tiger Bay Club today (last Friday)….