Capital Report: 12-22-2017

Dec 22, 2017

A powerful Florida Senator who is also vying to be the GOP candidate for governor has been toppled over accusations of public corruption and sexual harassment. Lynn Hatter has the latest.

A state government agency charged with helping investigate sexual harassment complaints may not have the necessary resources if there’s a significant increase in the number of those complaints.  Tom Flanigan has more.

Opioid abuse may grab the headlines, but drug-related deaths overall are on the rise.  And when it comes to helping people kick their addiction, Nick Evans reports one lawmaker believes Florida is rejecting some of the best people for the job.

Fighting contraband has been an ongoing issue within the state’s prison system. As Sascha Cordner reports, Florida’s prison chief is exploring some innovative ideas to address that issue.

Florida lawmakers are once again trying to reform the state’s food stamp program, which has more than doubled since the Recession. But unlike in previous years, the Republican-led effort could be making some in roads with Democrats. Kate Payne reports.

Florida universities don’t always have the resources to help students with mental illnesses.  Addressing those matters is a serious problem faced by institutions of higher learning.  They’re expected to play a big role in identifying symptoms and helping individuals get better.  Florida Public Radio’s Victoria Weler spoke to a student who feels her school offered help during a difficult time.

Florida’s wildlife officials say protecting the state’s flora and fauna requires buy-in from more than just the traditional anglers and sportsmen. Now Regan McCarthy reports the state conservation commission is working to cast a wider net.