Capital Report: 11-08-2013

Nov 8, 2013

After a legislative bid to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law failed this week, the focus now turns to whether opponents of the existing law will now throw their weight behind a proposal aimed at tweaking the law.  Sascha Cordner reports.

Is Florida doing all it can to help unemployed people get back to work? Not everyone thinks so. At least one lawmaker says a skills assessment citizens are required to take before collecting benefits is doing more harm than good. As Regan McCarthy reports, some say it’s time to look for a new alternative that actually identifies people’s skills.

Former Republican Florida Governor turned Democrat Charlie Crist has made his campaign official.  We have two reports on that, starting with this piece from Steve Newborne with WUSF in Tampa.

Follow-up piece: Stan Jestrzbski two-way with Steve Newborne

For months, pundits have been game planning the Charlie Crist-Rick Scott matchup – in fact, even before it officially existed.  But as Lynn Hatter reports, a slew of other candidates have been in the race since long before either of the big name candidates, struggling all the while to make their campaigns relevant.

When Floridians choose their next governor in 2014, they might also decide whether to legalize medical marijuana. But as Jessica Palombo reports, the state attorney general and legislative leaders don’t want the question to make it onto ballots as it’s currently written.