Capital Report: 10-28-2016

Oct 28, 2016

Open enrollment for Obamacare begins next month.  State and federal officials are hoping more young – and healthy – enrollees will sign up.  But that demographic has been slow to come on board.  That’s led to increasing concerns that the Affordable Care Act could soon become the UN-affordable Care Act.  But Lynn Hatter reports health policy experts say tales of the impending death of the A-C-A are greatly exaggerated.

Republican Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump is confident a “silent majority” of voters will propel him to the White House.  As Jim Ash reports, Trump supporters in liberal-leaning Tallahassee say they’re either paying the price for their views, or keeping their presidential pick to themselves.

Along with a big choice of political candidates, Florida voters this elections cycle will also be deciding a number of state constitutional amendments.

Solar energy is again on Florida’s ballot.  Voters overwhelmingly approved a separate solar amendment last month.  But this general election proposal is more controversial.  Wilson Sayre with member station WLRN in Miami, unpacks exactly what Amendment One would do.

Another issue making a return appearance on the Florida ballot is medical marijuana.  The constitutional amendment in question would make it legal.  A similar measure was narrowly defeated in 2014.  Health News Florida’s Abe Amoraya dispels some of the smoke that’s swirling around Amendment Two.

Our final amendment overview is actually a double-header.  As we hear from Jessica Palombo at member station WJCT in Jacksonville, Amendments 3 and 5 would extend property tax breaks to disabled police and fire fighters and low-income seniors.

The 2016 election has brought out some of the worst the American electorate has to offer.  Bitter and vitriolic, the race has been marked by allegations of corruption from the presidential contest on down.  Not surprisingly, Nick Evans reports it’s testing Florida voters’ already tenuous faith in the whole idea of government.