Capital Report: 09-01-2017

Sep 1, 2017

U.S. Education Secretary Betsey DeVos praised Florida’s school choice programs during a Tallahassee visit this week. Her arrival comes as school districts across the state prepare to battle with the legislature over a new law they say will further destabilize traditional public school systems.

This year Florida lawmakers changed the way the state building codes are updated. There are concerns the new law could weaken the integrity of Florida homes, in order to cut construction costs. In the wake of Harvey, Kate Payne reports, those concerns are taking on a new significance.

The Hollywood city commission has approved a plan to rename three streets named after confederate generals.  Nick Evans reports it’s part of a broader effort reassessing the state’s relationship with its history.

Florida’s child welfare officials are doing a review of their system and already looking ahead legislatively on the state and national level on what can be done to further help children within the system. Sascha Cordner reports.

Corals are in trouble. Global warming and the increase of disease, over fishing – all are leading to catastrophic losses on reefs around the world – including Florida.   Biologists are trying to figure out ways to help coral survive. And as WLRN’s Nancy Klingener [KLING-en-er] reports, one project in the Keys aims at saving one species that is at special risk.

Tom Flanigan attended a Florida hearing on the theft of intellectual property by the Chinese.