Capital Report: 08-18-2018

Aug 18, 2017

Last year, north Florida voters sent two polar opposites, Republican Neal Dunn and Democrat Al Lawson, to represent them in Congress. The wide philosophical and partisan gulf separating the two men – and much of the nation -- was on full display during recent appearances in Tallahassee. Jim Ash has more.

It’s been a tough week for the Florida Highway Patrol. Talk of speeding ticket quotas led to the resignation of a Troop Commander. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, the law enforcement agency is now trying to put that behind them, and move forward.

Four counties in North Florida are forming what’s known as a freight logistics zone to improve the region’s chances for state infrastructure dollars.  Nick Evans reports officials believe it’s an important step toward growing jobs.  

A little over a month after the Sabal Trail Pipeline went online, Central Florida residents are reporting foul-smelling leaks. Despite the sulfur-like scent, the structure is not emitting natural gas. But Kate Payne reports neighbors and naturalists are still concerned about the impacts.

Monday (8/21) will be a very special day.  That afternoon, the moon will move between the earth and the sun to produce a solar eclipse.  Even though the Sunshine State is not in the coveted “band of totality” as astronomers call it, a lot of folks in Florida do have plans to watch the spectacle.  That includes Dr. James Webb who heads the Stocker AstroScience Center at Florida International University.  Kate Stein from member station WLRN in Miami spoke with Webb about how to witness the eclipse safely and she also asked him about his passion for writing songs about astronomy.