Capital Report: 07-15-2016

Jul 15, 2016

Members of the law enforcement community are weighing in on a so-called “Blue Lives Matter Act” that may be filed in the 2017 legislative session. As Sascha Cordner reports, the proposal would expand Florida’s definition of a hate crime to include law enforcement officers and firefighters—similar to a bill filed last year.

Law enforcement agencies across the state are undergoing implicit bias training to re-evaluate the way they interact with minority communities. But what does the training entail? Kate Payne reports.

Hearings have concluded in a nursery’s bid to be the seventh medical marijuana grower in the state.  Meanwhile Nick Evans reports nurseries approved earlier in the process are beginning to harvest their first crops. 

William, “Bill,” Schifino (shif-FEENO,) Jr., a 56-year-old Tampa attorney, has just been named president of the 100 thousand-member Florida Bar. Schifino faces a profession struggling with gender bias, access to justice, and a Republican effort to impose judicial term limits. Schifino spoke with Florida Public Radio’s Jim Ash.

Can US-Cuba normalization save our coral reefs? On the Fourth of July, scientists on both sides of the Florida Straits said, Sí señor.  Tim Padgett from member station WLRN sent us this Cuba postcard.