Capital Report: 05-31-2013

May 31, 2013

Federal forecasters say this is going to be a busy Atlantic hurricane season.  That season officially begins tomorrow (Saturday, June 1)  Meanwhile, as Sascha Cordner tells us, Florida officials are prepared and are hoping the state’s residents are, too.

Governor Rick Scott has signed off on a bill aimed at shrinking the size, and risk of Florida’s largest property insurer. With 1.3 million policies, Citizen’s Insurance Company is also run by the state. And as Lynn Hatter reports, the company is in hot water over a deal that pays a private insurance company to take over some Citizens policies.

Following the execution of Elmer Carroll, anti-death penalty protesters are urging the governor to veto a bill that would speed the process up in Florida. Regan McCarthy reports two exonerated death row inmates joined the group at the Capitol Thursday.

This week, a trooper fired from the Florida Highway Patrol was playing defense at a special hearing.  Jessica Palombo reports the former officer’s defense strategy is raising the question of whether state lawmakers get unfair breaks when they’re caught breaking traffic laws.

The battle over the legislature’s 2012 effort to redraw voting districts in compliance with a state constitutional amendment was continuing today (Friday).  The question was whether an outside consulting group hired to help with the redrawing colluded with Republic lawmakers to make the new districts G-O-P friendly.  Ryan Benk reports Leon Circuit Judge Terry Lewis held the Republican Defendants in contempt of court for failing to release all the documents requested by the court.

Tom Flanigan was watching this week as college and university students from around Florida were making make-believe laws at the state capitol.