Capital Report: 04-26-2017

Apr 26, 2017

Spending offers are flying back and forth between House and Senate leaders.  But Nick Evans reports time is running short on this year’s legislative session. 

Florida lawmakers are beginning to make headway when it comes to finding a middle ground between the House and Senate gambling plans. Regan McCarthy has more....

A proposal allowing Florida Power and Light to charge customers for exploratory natural gas drilling has cleared a key senate hurdle, despite numerous consumer concerns. Lynn Hatter reports the company calls the move a hedge against future fuel increases.

Meanwhile, a federal court judge in Fort Myers is allowing seismic testing for oil and gas reserves in Big Cypress National Preserve.  The judge did not rule in favor of environmental advocacy groups this week in a lawsuit against the National Park Service and a Texas oil company as we hear from John Davis with member station WGCU.

Florida is the only state in the nation that bars people with a prior felony record from receiving compensation after they were wrongfully incarcerated for a new crime. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, could legislation to allow more people to receive compensation be in trouble with two diverging bills in the House and Senate?

Legislation changing local control of Community Redevelopment Agencies is heading to the Florida Senate from the House. But it’s unlikely the Senate will take the House bill.  The Senate’s version of the had already died in committee. Sarah Mueller has the story.

The Florida House has voted to tear down the so-called liquor wall by a razor-thin margin. It’s a rare issue that doesn’t fall along party lines, giving a brief glimpse into lawmakers’ individual beliefs. Kate Payne reports.