Capital Report: 04-19-2017

Apr 19, 2017

Jim Ash explains the circumstances that led to a South Florida senator apologizing to his colleagues at the start of this morning’s floor session and why some of those same colleagues are still calling for his resignation.

The medical marijuana provisions implementing amendment two are trudging ahead in the House and Senate.  But Nick Evans reports the chambers’ proposals remain very different.
A plan to regulate ridesharing companies statewide is heading to the Governor’s desk. After years of debate, the bill flew through the Senate Wednesday with virtually no complaints. Kate Payne reports.

A Florida bear hunt two years ago ended swiftly as hunters culled the allotted number of bears within just two days after the season opened. Last year officials postponed a second hunt, but Regan McCarthy reports officials have begun talking about the possibility once again.

While the Florida Senate is on its way to that path, the House has officially apologized to the survivors of the infamous Dozier School for Boys. As Sascha Cordner reports, it’s for the abuse they suffered at the hands of staffers at the state-run juvenile reform school in North Florida decades ago.