Capital Report: 03-29-2017

Mar 29, 2017

A rift has emerged on a now-familiar fault line in the Florida House and Senate Education spending plans. Lynn Hatter reports the chambers are again at odds over how to count what’s known as the required local effort to fund public schools.

The Florida House is looking at allowing students to take a computer coding course to fulfill credit requirements in lieu of a foreign language.  Catherine Buckler reports, the bill was amended before the vote.

Florida’s universities say they need more money to hire additional mental health counselors and law enforcement officers.  Sarah Mueller reports school officials say they’re seeing a dramatic rise in students who need help coping with anxiety, depression and academic stress.
A Senate panel is discussing how to re-envision Florida’s affordable housing system.  Nick Evans reports.

Florida lawmakers want to set new statewide standards for public contracts. But local governments say the plan threatens their independence. Kate Payne reports.

Florida House Republicans have revived a perennial campaign to change the retirement options under the state’s retirement system.  Sascha Cordner has the latest.

Florida’s inspectors general work in each state agency to ensure accountability and integrity within the offices. But Regan McCarthy reports some say the inspectors need more skills, access and autonomy to do their jobs best.