Capital Report: 03-16-2017

Mar 16, 2017

House budget subcommittees are unveiling their ideas for spending cuts.  Nick Evans reports House leaders ordered each panel develop a list of potential reductions in light of a grim budget outlook.

After the overhead costs to run a state sanctioned employee charity rose to take up nearly half the contributions made, Florida workers and lawmakers became frustrated—even outraged. Regan McCarthy reports officials are now considering a plan to shut the fund down.

A House panel voted Thursday to put a measure on the ballot that would give the legislature the power to impeach state attorneys and public defenders. Jim Ash tells us Republican Jackie Toledo of Tampa thinks those public servants need another layer of oversight.

Florida is reeling from an opioid epidemic that spans young and old, rural and urban. State lawmakers are once again trying to reduce overdose deaths and prevent addiction. Kate Payne has that story.

Senate lawmakers say Florida’s prison system is in a crisis. That’s the consensus after a presentation by Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones.  Florida prisons are crumbling and the state’s having problems recruiting guards. As Sarah Mueller reports Jones is pushing for pay bumps.

Gun control advocates joined Florida Democrats at the Capitol Thursday, calling on the Republican-controlled legislature to hear their gun safety bills. Sascha Cordner reports.

Now something a little less controversial: Recess used to be something you could count on in school. But not anymore. Florida lawmakers are weighing a bill that would require 20 minutes of recess five days a week in elementary school. But the act of mandating recess, may not guarantee it. As WLRN’s Rowan Moore Gerety tells us, even when school districts have policies on the books, plenty of students don’t get their playtime.

And Finally tonight: It’s Spring Break season and that means lots of extra highway traffic in Florida. Tom Flanigan reports the State Department of Transportation is beefing up its free app to help travelers get around easier and more safely.