Capital Report: 03-13-2017

Mar 13, 2017

The Florida House seems intent on bringing the state supreme court down a few pegs after a series of stinging courtroom defeats.  Nick Evans reports the saber-rattling intensified last week as lawmakers approved new reporting requirements. 

A panel of Florida lawmakers is advancing a plan that would require certain food stamp recipients to get tested for drugs. Regan McCarthy reports the move comes years after a federal court struck down a similar law for violating peoples’ right to unreasonable searches.

Legislation banning sanctuary city policies is moving through Florida House committees. The proposal requires cities fully cooperate with federal immigration officers, or face stiff penalties.  More on that story from Sarah Mueller.

A state lawmaker’s proposal to revoke in-state tuition for undocumented students has some on college campuses fearing for their futures.  Joseph Zeballos-Roig has more.

For the past several years, Florida’s public colleges and universities have sought to shield high-level position searches from the state’s Sunshine Law.  The measure has repeatedly been swatted down, but as Lynn Hatter reports, the move to shade such searches is back again.

Did you know it’s worse to vandalize a public telephone than deface a Veterans’ monument in Florida? As one of the most populous states for veterans, Florida lawmakers are trying to correct that. Sascha Cordner reports.