Capital Report: 03-10-2016

Mar 10, 2016

It may be a shell of its former self, but Thursday, Senate lawmakers moved forward with a tax cut package for the coming year.  Nick Evans reports the proposal seems likely to return to the House only about one tenth the size it was when it left.

With the end in sight, different groups are closing out the 2016 lawmaking session in different ways. Kate Payne reports immigration activists convened at the state capitol Thursday to ‘bury’ a package of dead bills.

Government reformers are giving the Florida Legislature a mixed review this year when it comes to fighting corruption.  Lawmakers did agree to give prosecutors some new tools to root out the bad apples.  But critics say the changes don’t go far enough, as we hear from Jim Ash.

Some Florida students could soon be able to work more at their own pace. Lynn Hatter reports a priority of the Foundation for Florida’s Future is on its way to Governor Rick Scott. It creates a pilot program for competency based education.

It’s now up to the governor to decide whether more than half a million Florida couples are breaking the law. Regan McCarthy reports measure to legalize cohabitation has passed in the legislature.

There are five Holocaust memorials and museums across the state. As Sascha Cordner reports, the Florida Legislature just sent a bill to the Governor for approval to add another memorial in the Capitol city.