Capital Report: 03-05-2015

Mar 5, 2015

Three days after the start of the session, the House signed off on a massive plan to rewrite state water policy, setting the stage for weeks of negotiations with the Senate. As Jim Ash reports, the legislation focuses on cleaning up Florida springs.

With the legislative session under way, the Republican majority’s plans are beginning to take shape—even if there is some squabbling behind the scenes.  Nick Evans reports minority leadership got in on the action Thursday stressing the need for better water and anti-discrimination legislation.

Students could see an immediate change in the number of tests they take under plans moving fast in the legislature. The move is a response to widespread criticism of the state’s new standardized testing infrastructure. Lynn Hatter reports Florida continues to struggle to get its newest exams off the ground.

When president Obama indicated an interest in reopening trade agreements with Cuba, it didn’t take long for many to voice their disagreements. Now, Matthew Seeger reports that Florida lawmakers are getting their rejections heard in the form of a house memorial.

The matter of who is legally allowed to use which public restrooms has now cleared a house committee.  D.A. Robin reports bill backers say it’s a matter of keeping children safe from sex predators; opponents say it’s an unwarranted slam on the transgendered.

Should Florida high schoolers be ready to save a life?  A group of activists and lawmakers say so. Regan McCarthy reports They’re pushing a measure that would require students to learn CPR.

Thursday marked Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day at the Florida Capitol, and many advocates came to Tallahassee to speak to lawmakers about their legislative priorities related to people with developmental disabilities. Sascha Cordner reports.