Capital Report: 03-02-2016

Mar 2, 2016

The Florida Legislature is on the verge of approving new death penalty procedures.  Nick Evans reports the Senate is moving ahead with a compromise proposal from the House. 

Some of the most controversial bills of this legislative session are dying as lawmakers rush to complete their work for the 2016 session.  The casualties include a fracking bill backed by the oil and gas industry and an agreement with the Seminole Tribe that would have expanded gambling in the state.  Jim Ash has the post mortem.

Some ambitious healthcare proposals are on the way to the Senate after overwhelming support by the Florida House. Lynn Hatter reports efforts to crack down on balance billing and promote price transparency, and increase the use of Telehealth are up in the final weeks of the legislative session.

A bill aimed at helping to address the state’s rape kits backlog is now heading to the Governor, after passing the Florida Legislature unanimously. Sascha Cordner reports.

After a spate of child deaths in Florida, the Department of Children and Families is doubling down on child welfare reforms. Now state lawmakers are poised to pass a suite a bills to bolster that effort. Kate Payne reports.

A measure aimed at protecting the state’s churches and clergy from lawsuits if they refuse to participate in marriage ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs has passed in the House. Regan McCarthy has more….