Capital Report: 02-25-2016

Feb 25, 2016

One of the most controversial bills in the 2016 legislative session was put on life support today (Thursday) in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Jim Ash reports what’s hanging in the balance could be the future of the oil and gas industry in Florida and – critics insist – Florida’s environment.

The Florida Senate took its shot at compromise Wednesday for a new capital sentencing scheme.  Nick Evans reports the chambers are trying to find common ground between unanimous jury recommendations and a supermajority.  

A massive education bill covering everything from a teacher bonus program to school construction is rolling out of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Lynn Hatter reports it’s getting to the point in the legislative session when trains start to leave the station.

Governor Rick Scott signed a number of bills into law Wednesday. As Sascha Cordner reports, among them are a pair of gun-related bills that have the backing of law enforcement and gun rights groups.

Lawmakers have a raft of bills aimed at making changes to the state’s family law statutes this year. Regan McCarthy reports one measure focuses on the state’s alimony rules.

State lawmakers continue to butt heads on healthcare reform, specifically where new hospitals can be built. Both chambers want to improve access to hospitals, but the devil is in the details. Kate Payne reports.