Capital Report: 02-22-2012

Feb 22, 2012

Florida’s charter schools are looking for some extra money this year, and they’ve set their sights on traditional public schools to get it. Lynn Hatter reports the charter groups held a rally in Tallahassee Wednesday to urge the legislature to pass bills that would give them both enrollment and financial boosts. 


A bill that would prevent local governments from creating their own rules to crack down on wage theft passed in a House panel Wednesday. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, the move came with heavy opposition from members of the public who say it would mean the end of a wage-theft protection program in Miami.

A move in the Florida legislature to prohibit those receiving food stamps from buying junk food has received a lot of attention....but as Jill Roberts reports from member station WQCS in Fort Pierce reports, a new study finds that a majority of those receiving such assistance, strive to provide their families with healthy meals...   

A Florida House Committee Wednesday voted to get tougher on drunk drivers. James Call reports, with bi-partisan support it moved a bill that would give a judge the option of either installing a Breathalyzer or disabling the car of a first-time offender for driving under the influence.

Florida lawmakers are driving ahead with a plan to make auto racing the official state sport. Two lawmakers from the Daytona area say it an historic activity in Florida, but Regan McCarthy reports not all lawmakers are ready to wave the green flag for the plan.