Capital Report: 02-15-2016

Feb 15, 2016

Florida is just over the halfway point in the legislative session.  But As Ashley Tressel reports, the House and Senate have a lot to do before they leave the Capitol.

Republicans vying for their party’s presidential nomination continue to tussle over immigration.  But in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, those debates have become tangled in an argument over how best to deal with an expanding refugee crisis.  Nick Evans reports it’s playing out in the Florida Legislature as well.

The death of a Florida sheriff’s deputy has prompted a rift between the two chambers of the Florida Legislature.  Sascha Cordner reports the issue is over the disposition of the officer’s pension.

In a state where the number one economic driver is tourism, the environment is a recurring theme in the Legislature.  At the half-way point of the 2016 session, the environmental lobby is celebrating early victories, and worried about one last big debate as we hear from Jim Ash.

Environmental Activists don’t want Florida’s state parks to be used for hunting, timbering or agricultural grazing. They met this weekend to raise concerns at 11 start parks including Wakulla Springs. Regan McCarthy has more….

Florida A&M University alumnus John Thompson is a major player in the tech industry. He’s the former chairman of Microsoft, and previously led the software company Symantec, known for its Norton anti-virus software. Today, he leads a startup, called Virtual Instruments. Thompson was in Tallahassee today to speak to his alma mater, and fellow alumna and Florida Public Radio’s Lynn Hatter, sat down to speak with him.