Capital Report: 02-13-2012

Feb 13, 2012

A move to stop a prison privatization plan from moving forward failed to pass out of the Senate Tuesday. As Sascha Cordner, this comes ahead of Tuesday’s vote on the effort where both sides have been making a last ditch effort to plead their case.

A bill that would have granted sovereign immunity to emergency room doctors is changing as it moves through the legislature. Lynn Hatter reports a House panel has approved a series of amendments that supporters say would bring down the cost of healthcare. But the move has opponents arguing it would limit a patient’s right to sue for medical malpractice. 

A proposal to revamp the state’s energy policy passed out of the Senate agricultural committee Monday and is one stop away from the Senate Floor.  James Call reports, the proposal is moving forward without a late filed amendment that would have implemented a major change in the way customers pay for new power plants.

Lawmakers are looking into a measure that could help the state partner up with private companies to explore and drill for oil or natural gas on state lands. Regan McCarthy reports some say the state has plenty of oil, it just doesn’t have the money to look for it.  

An attempt to ban red light cameras in Florida went down to defeat in last year’s lawmaking session.  This year, Tom Flanigan reports lawmakers, in the senate at least, seem content to just pass a few more regulations….