Capital Report: 02-12-2016

Feb 12, 2016

The Florida Senate has rolled out a plan its education budget chairman says is aimed at creating parity between state and local funding for school districts. Lynn Hatter reports the move sets up a potential showdown on tax cuts.

After years of trying, lawmakers are finding success with a plan to create a needle exchange pilot program in Miami Dade County.  Nick Evans reports.

Since police were given the option to write a ticket instead of arresting juveniles for petty crimes, civil citations have been heralded as a huge success in Florida.  But now, as Jim Ash tells us, some lawmakers want to make civil citations mandatory and critics are up in arms.

A bipartisan effort to revamp Florida’s wrongful incarceration compensation program is moving through the legislature.  Kate Payne reports the proposal could make it easier for exonerees to get that compensation.

Lawmakers are looking into new rules for umpires, namely property insurance appraisal umpires. Regan McCarthy has more….

About a week after friends and family of a former college football player advocated on behalf of their loved one’s claims bill, it passed its first committee hearing in the Senate. Sascha Cordner reports.