Capital Report: 02-09-2016

Feb 9, 2016

Florida is pushing ahead with new restrictions for the state’s abortion providers while earlier restrictions are locked up in court.  Nick Evans reports a twenty-four hour waiting period approved last year came before the First District Court of Appeals Tuesday.

The so called Pastor Protection Act is moving forward in the Florida Senate while it awaits a hearing on the House floor. And while some are pushing against the legislation saying it unfairly targets the state’s same sex community, Regan McCarthy reports others are pushing to expand it.

In its Hurst versus Florida ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court found Florida’s death penalty sentencing scheme unconstitutional.  Now it’s up to the Florida Legislature to fix the system, but the question is how as we hear from Kate Payne.

Someday soon, cars will drive themselves.  But until then, at least a few Florida lawmakers want to make sure some cars don’t get driven at all UNLESS the person behind the wheel is cold sober.  The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted for a bill forcing first-time DUI offenders to have ignition interlock devices installed, as we hear from Jim Ash.

A bill building on past reforms to Florida’s prison system is continuing to take shape. Sascha Cordner reports.

A bill allowing Florida kids to attend any public school of their choosing, regardless of where in the state it is, keeps moving through the Legislature.  But, as Lynn Hatter reports, lawmakers got hung up on a bill amendment that dealt with how enrollment preferences are given to businesses or people who donate land.