Capital Report: 02-03-2016

Feb 3, 2016

The Florida House and Senate have put to bed their initial spending plans for the upcoming fiscal year.  But major issues remain unresolved.  Still, as Lynn Hatter reports, lawmakers are confident they can work out the discrepancies.

House lawmakers approved a wide-ranging tax plan Wednesday.  Nick Evans reports the House package would cut just shy of one billion dollars in taxes.

Fueled by strong rhetoric and an international refugee crisis, some Florida lawmakers want to give broad immigration oversight to the state’s top officials.  Kate Payne has that story.

The family of Corey Jones is advocating on behalf of a body cameras bill making its way through the Florida Legislature. As Sascha Cordner reports, Jones is the South Florida man killed by a plainclothes police officer months ago.

After listening to tearful testimony from people for and against, a House committee today (Wednesday) voted to ban Kratom (CRAY-tom) in Florida.  The extract from a Southeast Asian plant is showing up in convenience stores, smoke shops and coffee bars across the state, as we hear from Jim Ash.

When officials calculate a family’s income to determine whether they qualify for cash assistance programs, one lawmaker says current rules give families with an undocumented immigrant earner an unfair advantage. Regan McCarthy has more….