Capital Report: 01-27-2017

Jan 27, 2017

Add fracking to the list of high profile issues that threaten to derail the Legislative Session, which begins March 7th.  Powerful Senate Republicans are calling for a ban on the controversial drilling method.  But as Jim Ash reports, the more conservative, free-market House is in no mood to go along.

Florida Senators showed their hand Wednesday when the chamber’s regulated industry panel approved a comprehensive gaming overhaul. Regan McCarthy has more…

Recent reporting suggests Florida’s trial judges are more likely to give harsh sentences to people of color.  Nick Evans reports two Florida lawmakers want the state to begin tracking the sentences handed down as a way to stamp out disparities.

Will a Stand Your Ground-related bill starting to move through the legislature have a disproportionate impact on minorities? While opponents of the bill appear to think so, supporters insist the bill is “color blind.”

Recruiting new public school teachers used to be a breeze.  But not so much today.  Lynn Hatter reports it’s even tough to attract elementary teachers and the Florida Legislature, after years of putting ever-more pressure on teachers, may finally be willing to cut them some slack.

Women turned out in large numbers last weekend to protest newly elected President Donald Trump.  Some women claim it’s the start of a third wave of feminism.  But Sarah Mueller reports old divisions that have separated women for generations could threaten to impede progress yet again.

Once every twenty years, Floridians have the opportunity to propose changes to the state’s most important document. But some are worried political divides could pull the Constitution Revision Commission off course. Kate Payne reports.