Capital Report: 01-24-2014

Jan 27, 2014

Water issues are taking center stage in the run up to Florida’s 2014 legislative session, and this week environmental activists joined together to declare that every Floridian has the right to clean water.As Ryan Benk reports, they’re pressuring politicians to sign a recently-drafted “declaration” of water rights that was the subject of statewide rallies this week. But, since the declaration is neither petition, nor legislation, some wonder: to what end?

Florida Governor Rick Scott spent the week releasing details of his proposed 2014 budget in dribs and drabs. He’s expected to unveil the full plan next week, but Regan McCarthy reports some say it’s already clear the governor is courting votes from certain groups of people.

The 2014 Florida Gubernatorial race has been billed by national pundits as one of the major races to watch. A recent poll suggests the race is tightening, even though there are still 10 months to go before Election Day. But as Lynn Hatter reports, it’s likely too soon to read much into the numbers.

With a suit filed this week, Florida became the latest battleground state in the national push to legalize gay marriage. As Jessica Palombo reports, a coalition of religious groups is planning a campaign aimed at swaying public opinion against same-sex unions as the case goes before a Miami judge.

As Florida lawmakers prepare a package of legislation cracking down on sexual offenders and predators, some say at least one of the bills could do more harm than good. As Sascha Cordner reports, an indecent exposure bill aiming to get more sex offenders off the street is drawing concern from Florida nudists.