Capital Report: 01-12-2018

Jan 12, 2018

President Donald Trump’s derogatory statements on Thursday about a number of countries are echoing through the Florida political landscape.  Nick Evans has the story—a warning: the language here could be inappropriate for some listeners. 

Lynn Hatter and Kate Payne hit some of the highlights in both legislative chambers as the first week of the 2018 Session comes to a close.

The devastation caused by Florida’s opioid crisis isn’t confined to those actually addicted to those substances.  Tom Flanigan spoke with some children’s advocates and a lawmaker who’s trying to help reduce the time affected kids have to spend in foster care.

Should inmates be criminally charged when cell phones are found on their person?  That’s pretty much what happens in Florida prisons, but, in county jails, not so much. Sascha Cordner has more on the legislative debate surrounding a bill making it illegal for local jail inmates to have cell phones within the facilities 

Companies that turn interns into employees could get tax credits under one legislative proposal under discussion.  As Davondra (day-VON-dra) Alston reports, the Internship Tax Credit Program will help degree-seeking students get a job after college.

A bill that addresses Florida’s collapsing film industry was presented at a press conference Wednesday. As Andrew Quintana reports, if successful, its sponsors hope it will create a new era of filmmaking within the sunshine state.