Capital Report: 01-04-2013

Jan 4, 2013

And With the start of the new year, a handful of new laws are coming into effect. Regan McCarthy reports the measures aim to do things like protect drivers from fraud, and treat children, who are exploited as sex workers, like victims, instead of criminals.

A New Congress has been sworn in this week, and several of its newest members hail from the Sunshine State. As Sascha Cordner reports, they’re six men and one woman, all hoping to make their mark on Capitol Hill in Washington to do what they say Floridians elected them to do.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut many people have been questioning the safety of public schools. Suggestions for improving campus safety range from letting administrators carry weapons, to putting in more police officers. But as Lynn Hatter reports, others are pointing to a program already in place in the majority of public schools across the country-School Resource Officers.

In December, a convicted murderer on death row became the 24th person in Florida to be retried and exonerated of his crimes. As Jessica Palombo reports, his release from prison after almost 20 years has incited anti-death penalty activists to demand a halt to executions in the state.

The pension issue is likely to come up again in this year’s Florida lawmaking session. In the past, that discussion has mostly affected state government workers. But Tom Flanigan reports local governments expect to enter the debate this go-around.