Cap City Video Lounge Gives Film Buffs A Reason To Celebrate

Dec 22, 2016

After the loss of the Miracle 5 theatre and Video 21, local film buffs have a reason to celebrate this holiday season. Tallahassee is once again home to a video rental store.

The Cap City Video Lounge boasts a collection of cult classics, dramas and comedies on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS.
Credit Cap City Video Lounge /

Kevin Cole worked at Video 21 in the last years before it closed, and couldn’t believe it when movie rental stores across the country disappeared. But now he’s bucking the trend, and putting his own private collection on the shelf at Cap City Video Lounge. Cole says he hopes the video lounge will be the best and only place in town to find really weird movies.

“You know honestly without video stores, you look at Netflix and what they have available is so limited. And you go to Redbox and everything is mainstream and so limited, you’re never going to find these really cool, weird gems,” Cole said.

Customers can search for hard to find cult classics, dramas, and comedies, or see what’s playing at the in-house theatre. Cole says it's more than an average Blockbuster.

“We also have a one screen movie theatre where we show weird, obscure movies. Stuff we find on VHS. Just really strange stuff. It’s also available for anyone who wants to show off what they’ve made. Any film students, anybody who’s just made something in their backyard,” he said laughing. "We are available for them to showcase their work.”

The video lounge offers rare and obscure DVDs, Blu-rays and VHS’s. And for folks that don’t have a VCR, they’re planning on renting those too.