"Cans for Cash" Recycling Drive Brings Out Aluminum Cans and Electronic Cast-offs

Nov 13, 2017

Saturday's Veterans Day observance didn't slow down traffic at the yearly "Cans for Cash" collection. City of Tallahassee Recycling Coordinator Paul Hurst's crew at the Home Depot on Capital Circle Northeast was kept busy all day.

Crews were loading the empty aluminum cans into a roll-off container beside the Home Depot store on Capital Circle, NE.
Credit Tom Flanigan

"Yeah, we usually end up with a full roll-off container and is't usually over half-a-ton of nothing but aluminum cans. That's not even counting the electronics that we're collecting and it's a lot more weight in electronics," he said.

At the moment, Hurst added recycled aluminum is a hot commodity for a number of reasons.

"We definitely love getting the aluminum cans and we really encourage people to recycle those. Plus, there's a big energy-saver. It's much more energy efficient to recycle an aluminum can than it is to make one from virgin material."

The annual recycling event is sponsored by City government and Keep Tallahassee Beautiful.