Bond unveils new mobile health unit

Apr 26, 2012

Bond Community Health Center employees will now be making house calls for patients in greater Leon County. Ryan Benk reports the new “mobile health center” will offer preventative care for all who need it.

County Commissioner Bill Proctor uses a pair of wooden scissors about the length of his arm to cut a pink ribbon, officially opening the Bond Community Mobile Health Center. It’s a large bus with two exam rooms, hi-tech instruments and equipment. Bond CEO JR Richards says the mobile unit embodies the community health center’s mission.

“What we attempt to do is reduce disparities to zero percent and increase access to healthcare for all.”

Leon County Commission Chair Akin Akinyemi praised the Center for what he calls its commitment to the community.

“Every time I turn around there is a new Bond initiative somewhere. I know what you did at the homeless community center, at the Springfield community, I mean its really truly, truly taking healthcare to our neighborhoods and we appreciate you so, so much for that.”

Florida’s Department of Health awarded the Bond center with a one year, $50,000 contract to pay for the unit’s creation. The mobile facility will conduct everything from cancer screenings to dentistry for underinsured and uninsured patients across north Florida who can’t get to a doctor. State Representative Alan Williams, whose district includes Gadsden County, says mobile units like these take preventative care to a patient’s doorstep.

“This mobile health unit really does take house calls to a whole new level. It takes preventative health care services to the residents who need it the most, where they’re located, in their own backyard.”

Williams hopes that the success of such a facility would pave the way for the creation of similar units in other counties. To schedule an appointment with the Mobile Health Facility or to find out where the bus will be, call the Bond Community Health Center.