Board Set To Interview Candidates For Florida's Top Higher Ed Post

Nov 7, 2013

Florida’s state university system could soon be getting a new leader.

There were 19 candidates, six of whom made it to the committee charged with whittling down the list. Of those, four—including AT&T Florida President Marshall Criser, will be interviewed next week for the state’s top higher education job. Board of Governor’s member Mori Housseini:

“We had an impressive applicant pool. I want to ask our committee, are we good with these four? Marshall Criser, Mark Drummond, Jim Purcell and Bruce Rafert  to be the first four that we would interview?"

Criser is considered a front-runner for the job, but Purcell has experience in his current job heading Louisiana’s public higher education system. Drummond leads a group of 17 colleges in the United Arab Emirates and  Bruce Rafert  is the provost at North Dakota State University.