A 'Black Saturday' Break For The Little Guy

Jan 15, 2015

Shoppers and small businesses in Florida could reap even greater rewards from a "Black Saturday" tax break under a bill being pushed by a North Florida lawmaker.

Rep. Jay Fant
Credit Forida House of Representatives

Rep. Jay Fant, a Republican from Jacksonville, is pushing a bill that would create yet another sales tax holiday, this time for new or existing businesses that pay less than $200,000 a year in taxes.

The tax-free window only covers November 28.

But that’s enough to win the praises of the Florida Retail Federation. Spokeswoman Samantha Stratton says her group has never met a sales tax holiday it doesn’t like.

“Florida is really a leader in how many sales tax holidays are offered compared to other states," she says.

The Florida Department of Revenue can’t say how many businesses would qualify. DOR figures show that about 440,000 businesses paid at or below the $200,000 threshold in 2013.

Florida already has sales tax holidays tied to the start of the school year and the hurricane season. Another one encourages sales of energy efficient appliances.