Bill Would Limit Drone Rubbernecking

Mar 24, 2015

Privacy advocates scored a victory Tuesday when a House panel agreed to reign in the roving eye of pilotless drones. A bill by Republican Representative Larry Metz of Yalaha passed the Civil Justice Subcommittee.

Bill tries to boost privacy rights
Credit BBC

Metz’s bill would give people the right to sue if they think a drone violated their privacy. The winning side in the law suit could also collect attorney fees. Committee Chairwoman Kathleen Passidomo likes the bill because it protects high rise balconies.

“You know, on the 15th floor of a condominium, you don’t expect a drone to take your picture.”

Metz faced only a few questions, including one about drone operators who accidentally photograph something they shouldn’t. The bill exempts some activities, including property appraisal and engineering surveys.