Bill To Ensure Safe School Routes Finds Path To Governor

Apr 29, 2015

Credit Beverly Goodwin

Safe routes to school are a priority for parents and communities, but what criteria is used to determine whether a route is safe. A measure that redefines hazardous walking conditions is on its way to the governor.

One of the most important tasks a community has is to help students get safely to school – that’s according to Sen. Alan Hays (R-Umatilla).

“Unfortunately, over the years, when the two mile bussing limit was ignored and courtesy busing was extended to those students who live within that two mile radius, many schools were cited without adequate walk ways within that two mile radius," Hays says.

Hays is behind a measure that would require school districts to identify hazardous walking conditions for students in elementary through 6th grade. It requires the governmental entities responsible for those sidewalks to outline a working plan for addressing the issue, or justify in writing why the government won’t correct the conditions.