Big Bend Power Restoration Begins

Sep 11, 2017

Across Florida, more than 64% of households are without power after Irma churned through the state. Here's an update on the efforts to restore utilities in the Big Bend.

Utility crews work to restore power in Tallahassee in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
Credit City of Tallahassee via Twitter /

Utility companies are back to work across the Panhandle from Dixie County up to Jefferson and over to Calhoun.

Irma weakened faster than initially expected, allowing crews to begin on the ground damage assessments Monday afternoon.

As soon as downed trees are cleared, they’ll be able to start restoring power.

At the height of outages, 39,000 City of Tallahassee customers were in the dark. Along with 29,000 Talquin Electric customers, and 14,000 customers with the Tri-County Electric Co-op.

To report an outage in Tallahassee, call 850-891-4968. Customers with Talquin can call 1-888-802-1832, and those with Tri-County can call 1-800-999-2285.