Big Bend Cares Prepares To Break Ground On New Clinic

Jul 20, 2016

Big Bend Cares is preparing to break ground on a new neighborhood clinic.

Credit Naoki Takano via flickr /

Big Bend Cares currently supports people with HIV and AIDS, but by opening the new clinic, the agency can offer a wider range of medical services to people throughout Tallahassee. The 25,000 square foot facility is designed to address healthcare disparities in Tallahassee's South Side. Patients can get dental, medical, and mental health services, plus fill their prescriptions all at the same place. The agency's Charlie Adams says the clinic will meet the needs of low-income and working populations.

“I mean your single mother with three kids, she doesn’t have the ability to do everything she needs to do in one day because she has to go to work. This allows for a more dynamic solution that treats the patient and not the pocketbook,” he said.

Adams hopes the clinic will revitalize the city’s South Side.

“Past the Capitol heading south on Monroe you’re gonna see it. And it’s gonna look different from anything else that’s ever been down here. And we hope not only for the health community, but just the overall economic development of this area, that that becomes somewhat of a beacon for new business,” he said.

The clinic will set up shop across from Big Bend Cares’ current location, at the corner of Magnolia and South Monroe Streets. The lot is home to a row of empty storefronts, which the agency plans to bulldoze in the next two weeks. The clinic will begin accepting patients in August 2017.