Big Bend Cares Plans Second Facility

Jul 10, 2015

Big Bend Cares wants to build another facility in 2017. The current Big Bend Cares office is primarily a social work office, specializing in education and comprehensive support for HIV and AIDS patients. The new facility will focus on providing healthcare to those inflicted with infectious diseases.

 Big Bend Cares wants to expand their services into the primary healthcare field. Deputy Director Charlie Adams, is excited about the plans saying, “It’s pretty much the most awesome idea of all time.”

He envisions a one-stop shop that provides primary care to HIV and AIDS patients. The organization wants to build a 10 million dollar facility to expand the group’s reach beyond its current operation, which only works within social aspects such as education and client advocacy.

Adams says of the new facility, “You’re going to have some primary care elements there, you’re going to have dentistry there, you’re going to have mental health psychologists there who are in house.”

In addition, Big Bend Cares is looking to also include a pharmacy, basic lab testing and case management services. Adams says that’s all going to make getting care easier for patients. 

“This will allow you to come into town and rather than be bounced around the entire city on multiple days and multiple locations," Adams says. "You come to us and we do everything in one spot.”

However, Adams makes it clear the new facility will not be stepping on the toes of any public health clinics in the area, such as Neighborhood Medical or the Bond Community Health Center. Rather they are partnering with them. The facility will be funded through state and federal grants and the organization says it has the dollars to break ground on a new building in January.