Baxley Apologizes For 'Two Mommies' Comment

Oct 18, 2013

Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala) is apologizing for comments he made that gay rights activists say disparage same-sex couples.

During a House committee meeting earlier this month, Baxley attempted to communicate the concerns of a teacher who he said, had told him about the issues facing many of the students in her classroom:

“This child has several men coming to the house, this one has two mommies, this one has an abusive father," Baxley explained.

But the reference to “two mommies” comment was immediately frowned upon by the group Equality Florida. On its blog, the group called that comment disparaging and outrageous and called on Baxley to apologize. He did, in a statement.

When reached by phone, Baxley said, “Well, I don’t deny that I may need some sensitivity training.”   

He added he didn’t mean to insult gay parents, and says his own convictions differ about  what makes the best families, but,“that doesn’t mean no one else has the right to speak or to present and I’ll defend their right to do so.”