Baking Bread Teaches Kids More Than Just Cooking Skills

May 10, 2013

When you sink your teeth into your favorite bread have you ever wondered what goes into baking it? Well, one group of Leon County elementary school kids found out today with the help of a Vermont flour company. The bread-baking project taught children some important skills in addition to making some delicious snacks.

Woodville Elementary School students put the finishing touches on their bread.
Credit R.Benk / WFSU-FM

Keeping the attention of a hundred kids can be quite a challenge. But, give them something constructive to do, like baking, and it gets a lot easier. That’s what King Arthur’s Flour Company was hoping when the Vermont firm set up a “history of bread-making” grant project for elementary schools around the country. The kids at Woodville Elementary School made their very first loaves of bread Friday and Stephanie Prevatt, an agent with Florida’s 4H program, said they learned a lot more than just how to bake bread.

“Of course our students need to learn math, and science, and chemistry, which that’s all baking bread is- it’s a big science equation. You know you add this to this, to this, to this, plus this and you get a loaf of bread and then of course the life skill to that is baking bread,” Prevatt explained.

It wasn’t all math and science either. Students baked enough bread to take some home and even donate to homeless shelters around the area. So all in all students used skills learned in their math, science, history and even civics classes, just by baking bread.