Attention: Panhandle School Districts Announce Closures Ahead Of Storm

Feb 23, 2016

Many schools across the Florida Panhandle will be closed Wednesday due to severe weather.

Leon, Wakulla, Franklin, Gadsden, Madison and Taylor County schools will be closed today due to a strong storm expected to rolling through the panhandle this morning. The reason for the closure is the threat of high winds. Leon County school Superintendent Jackie Pons says he’s concerned kids could be on the way to school as the storm is at its worst.

“Safety is our number one priority. It’s never an exact science. We depend on experts. But we never want to put individuals in a situation if they’re out there in 70 mile per hour wind, and that’s a possibility," he said.

Area superintendents made the decision to close Tuesday afternoon after hearing a report from the National Weather Service. Closures outside of hurricanes are rare in Florida and preemptive closures, more so. Florida A&M University says it will open at 10 am. Florida State has plans to stay open but both schools are urging people to check for updates.

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 List of Closures:







Jefferson--late start, 9 a.m. pickup

Community Christian School

Maclay School

FAMU Developmental Research School

Florida High

*FAMU: Delayed opening at 10 a.m.

*FSU: Delayed opening, 10 a.m.

*TCC: Delayed opening, noon