Area Schools, Colleges To Reopen Wednesday

Sep 4, 2016

Credit Illinois Network of Charter Schools

  Update: Florida A&M University will now re-open Wednesday.

Update 10:24 p.m.: Schools are scheduled to open Tuesday in Gulf, Franklin, Liberty, Levy, Citrus and Pinellas counties.

Dixie County anticipates opening on Tuesday, while Taylor County will make a decision by noon Monday. Leon and Wakulla County Schools closed until Wednesday.


Original Story: Leon and Wakulla county schools will remain closed Tuesday and plan to resume Wednesday. Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College are scheduled to reopen Wednesday as well and Florida A&M University will reopen Wednesday now too.

The Leon and Wakulla County School districts say they're conducting site safety checks, and driving bus routes to determine any hazards in advance of reopening schools. As of 4:30 p.m. Sunday there remained downed trees and power lines at some sites, but minimal damage to the structures.

District officials are driving more than 3,000 bus routes in Leon County to determine whether the roads are passable for buses. As of this posting, more than 60 Leon County roads remain closed.

It's similar in Wakulla which has fewer schools, but is dealing with flooding.  Districts are also grappling with whether there will be enough food to feed students once they go back to school.

Several sites lost power and district employees are trying to determine what is spoiled and what isn't. Leon and Wakulla say they've scheduled delivery trucks to come and replenish stocks.