Abuse Victims' Clothing Tells Their Stories

Apr 9, 2018

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  The purpose of a new exhibit in Tallahassee all month long is to bring that awareness home in particularly powerful fashion.

The exhibit of clothes donated by Florida sexual abuse victims on display at Tallahassee's LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts.
Credit Tom Flanigan

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence Executive Director Jennifer Dritt said the exhibit features the actual clothing of sexual abuse victims, young and old, male and female, from all over the state.

“You can look at that and say a real person experienced this real, terrible thing and wore these clothes. And for some survivors, what they sent is either what they were wearing or a very close representation of what they were wearing,” she said.

The exhibit is at the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts. The Council’s Communications Manager Courtney Nomina added there will be a community talk at the LeMoyne on Saturday (4/7)  from 11 a.m.  until noon.

“On Saturday we will have a counselor available in case anyone is triggered while looking at the display and there will be a quiet room for them to talk.”

The exhibit will be at the LeMoyne through April 13th and then relocate to the campuses of Florida A&M and Florida State for the rest of the month.