AAA: Leave Early To Beat The Rush

May 27, 2016

Historically low gas prices in Florida and cheaper air fares are fueling predictions of heavy traffic on Florida highways and long lines at airports.

AAA is warning motorists to leave early to beat traffic and airline passengers to arrive three hours ahead of flights because of heavy Memorial Day travel.

American Automobile Association spokesman Mark Jenkins says gas prices are rising slowly, but still a bargain.

“Today’s average is actually 41 cents lower than last year’s gas prices on Memorial Day. Compared to two years ago on Memorial Day, prices are a dollar 37 lower. So, for an average tank of gas, people are saving about 20 dollars.”

With airfares 24 percent lower than last year, and the Transportation Security Administration under fire for long delays, Jenkins advises scheduling flights at off-peak times or planning to arrive three hours before a flight.

Triple A expects to rescue 350 thousand stranded motorists this weekend, so Jenkins is warning motorists to service their vehicles before a trip.