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Program Director for News

Tom Flanigan has been with WFSU News since 2006, with a focus on covering local news personalities, issues and organizations.  He began his broadcast career more than 30 years before that and  covered news for several radio stations in Florida, Texas and his home state of Maryland.  In between, he spent a number of years in corporate communications for a few private firms, time that he calls “invaluable” for giving him a greatly expanded media perspective.  During the relatively rare times he’s not racing to cover various community events and activities, Tom enjoys reading and playing guitar (He was a professional drummer in a previous life and is trying to expand his musical horizons). Follow Tom Flanigan on Twitter: @flanigan_tom.

Once again, Tallahassee will be the scene of a rockin’ good time on Saturday, August 19th to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Tom Flanigan

A legendary Tallahassee band re-unites next week. As the group’s leader explained, the idea is to transport its fans back to the “golden age” of the West Tennessee Street Strip.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee's Frenchtown Market is growing into much more than just a place to buy locally-sourced produce. Tom Flanigan reports the twice-weekly bazaar is also hosting special events and classes.

Tom Flanigan

It lasted just a few hours, but Tallahassee's newest downtown business was really packing in the customers the afternoon of Friday, July 21. The enterprise was this summer's "Girls Mean Business" camp hosted by the Oasis Center for Women and Girls.

Tallahassee's 4th Annual Word of South Festival will happen in mid-April. The yearly celebration of literature and music has announced the headliner act that will appear on the Cascades Park stage.

Tom Flanigan

With a mini-Target store planned to replace what’s there now, the exodus of tenants continues from Tallahassee’s Varsity Shopping Center on West Tennessee Street.

Tom Flanigan

Leon County’s Elections Office is moving all of its functions under one roof. The present headquarters space off the lobby of downtown Tallahassee’s Bank of America Building is being vacated.

Imagine one person, virtually unknown to the public and the media, controlling nearly all access to the president of the United States. That story actually happened and The person who wrote the book on that tale is coming to Tallahassee.

Tom Flanigan

There are new developments regarding the federal probe into Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency. The City of Tallahassee has turned over the documents requested by federal investigators and the agency’s next meeting has been canceled.

FSU special collection

The Gadsden Art Center and Museum in Quincy opens a new exhibit on Friday evening, July 14. It’s a rare glimpse at what Florida used to look like as seen through the eyes of some unique artists.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee was the scene for the 54th Annual Juried Sumi-e Society of America Exhibition over the weekend. It was hosted by the LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts and was a real celebration of Oriental culture.

NPR StateImpact

Pushback is growing against a proposed Jackson County deep well that would hold polluted water from the regional landfill.

Tom Flanigan

The entire text of the Declaration of Independence was read from the east steps of the Historic Florida Capitol on Independence Day.


Bicyling from coast to coast across the United States is tough enough when you use your legs. And then there's the story of the man who just completed that feat using only his hands.

A Tallahassee theatre group is tackling a controversial and thought-provoking topic over the next few weekends. This will be the first local production of “Blackbird”.

Donna Brown

A retired Tallahassee police officer has taken up writing as a new career. Donna Brown spent 26 years in the nation’s 3rd-oldest city police department, ending her tenure as sergeant in the homicide unit. She retired 11 years ago. But while so many first responders spend their retirement on the golf course, traveling the world or simply relaxing, Brown felt compelled to stay in touch with her first profession and its practitioners.

Tom Flanigan

As far as Hancock Bank Tallahassee Market President Emory Mayfield is concerned, the economic stars are aligning in a very positive way.

Alison Faris, City of Tallahassee

What began as a small insurance company based in Thomasville, Georgia has chosen Tallahassee as the site of its first Florida office.

Tom Flanigan

With outside temperatures soaring, the heat inside parked vehicles can go higher still. Florida is now ramping up its efforts to make sure little kids don't wind up trapped inside those vehicles.

Tom Flanigan

A dress once worn by a very historic Tallahasseean has been restored to very near its original glory.

Bill Edmonds

Can you improve your brain function by playing certain types of games or watching videos that claim to boost mental capacity? Some Tallahassee-based researchers have been looking into that question.

The Associated Press is reporting the former campaign treasurer for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is under federal investigation.

Erica Thaler, the communications and marketing manager for COCA

One thing most non-profits have in common is they don't have a lot of extra money lying around for things like self-promotion. So a small army of Tallahassee professionals was giving three local non-profits a pro-bono marketing makeover last week (6/14).

Capital Regional Medical Center

Tallahassee is getting two new freestanding emergency rooms. Capital Regional Medical Center’s new facilities will serve the northwest and southeast parts of town.

Rikki Remembered

Jun 20, 2017
Chuck Mitchell

More evidence comes this week of how a golden retriever saved from Hurricane Katrina changed Florida's legal and medical systems.