Tom Flanigan

Program Director for News

Tom Flanigan has been with WFSU News since 2006, with a focus on covering local news personalities, issues and organizations.  He began his broadcast career more than 30 years before that and  covered news for several radio stations in Florida, Texas and his home state of Maryland.  In between, he spent a number of years in corporate communications for a few private firms, time that he calls “invaluable” for giving him a greatly expanded media perspective.  During the relatively rare times he’s not racing to cover various community events and activities, Tom enjoys reading and playing guitar (He was a professional drummer in a previous life and is trying to expand his musical horizons). Follow Tom Flanigan on Twitter: @flanigan_tom.

Springtime Tallahassee

The “City Where Spring Begins” host the 47th Springtime Tallahassee this weekend.   Springtime Tallahassee President Tim Jansen would be the first to admit the event has sometimes been a source of controversy as well as community pride.  He said there’s been a lingering perception that the celebration has been pretty much a party for the city’s affluent elite.

Tallahassee Irish Society

Sons and daughters of the Emerald Isle will be partying a-plenty in Tallahassee this weekend. 

Jack Madden is the treasurer of the Tallahassee Irish Society, which is hosting the party.  He’s also been connected with the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade since the beginning.

“The parade started in 1987 and it was done by the 20th Century Krewe of Springtime.  We did it through 1992,” Madden said.

For reasons too complicated to get into here, there was a break for several years.  And then Madden said the parade returned, growing steadily each year since.

Leon County Government

Tallahassee and Leon County officials will release the results of an audit of the emergency dispatch center. The facility has had problems since it opened two years ago, and those problems complicated two high-profile incidents that occurred last year.

Sarah Mac Band

For years, Tallahassee's Sarah Mac Band has seemed just on the verge of national success.  Now, the band is headed to a place that has launched many musicians to superstardom.

Ten Tallahassee artists are showing and selling their best work later this week.  The “Big Art Sale” happens Friday and Saturday at Dorothy B. Oven  Park.

One of the ten artists is Mary Apple, who takes a somewhat eclectic approach to painting.

“If you learn oils, you can transfer that to acrylics, you can transfer that to watercolor and I like pastels, too,” Apple said.

Meanwhile, her artistic colleague Rosemary Ferguson described herself as more of a specialist.