Tom Flanigan

Program Director for News

Tom Flanigan has been with WFSU News since 2006, with a focus on covering local news personalities, issues and organizations.  He began his broadcast career more than 30 years before that and  covered news for several radio stations in Florida, Texas and his home state of Maryland.  In between, he spent a number of years in corporate communications for a few private firms, time that he calls “invaluable” for giving him a greatly expanded media perspective.  During the relatively rare times he’s not racing to cover various community events and activities, Tom enjoys reading and playing guitar (He was a professional drummer in a previous life and is trying to expand his musical horizons). Follow Tom Flanigan on Twitter: @flanigan_tom.

The number of beds for mental health patients in Tallahassee is growing by about a third.  Capital Regional Medical Center’s new Behavioral Health Unit officially opens this coming Monday.

The yearly Children’s Week at the Florida Capitol shifted into high gear on Tuesday.  Literally hundreds of kids from all over the state jammed the courtyard between the old and new capitol buildings, the number of little people outside the halls of power significantly outnumbering the number of big people inside. 

Mary Dekle

Even though the weekend rains forced some musical headliners to move up the street to The Moon, the first-ever Word of South Festival still attracted thousands of people to Cascades Park and beyond.
While raindrops fell outside, the kids inside the park's Meridian Building were being entertained by the stories of Ramona King.

Ruth NIckens

North Florida’s member of Congress was back in her hometown on Friday, appearing at the Capital City Country Club as part of the “Women of Interest” speakers’ series.

Gwen Graham was elected this past November to represent the Second Congressional District that sprawls across North Florida from Madison to Bonifay. It was a unique election.  For one thing, Graham is the first woman to occupy the seat.  And, perhaps even more startling from a purely political viewpoint,

Springtime Tallahassee

The “City Where Spring Begins” host the 47th Springtime Tallahassee this weekend.   Springtime Tallahassee President Tim Jansen would be the first to admit the event has sometimes been a source of controversy as well as community pride.  He said there’s been a lingering perception that the celebration has been pretty much a party for the city’s affluent elite.