Jim Ash


Jim Ash is a reporter at WFSU-FM.  A Miami native, he is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of experience, most of it in print.  He has been a member of the Florida Capital Press Corps since 1992.

Ash has worked variously as a reporter, columnist and bureau chief.  His specialties include state politics, the judicial system and the environment.  His career has included coverage of everything from the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and Hurricane Andrew to the Florida presidential recount.

Ash is a graduate of the University of Iowa where he earned a degree in English.  He spent his summers interning for newspapers, including the Austin-American Statesman in Texas.

A hiking enthusiast, Ash has explored most of the public trails in California's Big Sur.  He is an avid reader who enjoys traveling, exploring the Big Bend, and water sports.


Governor Rick Scott’s elections chief isn’t saying whether his boss will go along with the Legislature’s 2017 deadline for implementing online voter registration. Secretary of State Ken Detzner is keeping his cards close to his vest.

Office of Gov. Rick Scott

Not all of the political warfare in the Capitol is between the House and Senate. Gov. Rick Scott fired a shot over the bow of Senate President Andy Gardiner today, reappointing 16 agency heads who weren’t confirmed.


Heroin and pain pill addicts could get a better shot at surviving overdoses. The Legislature signed off on the measure before the House shut down the session early over stalled budget negotiations.

The Senate Democratic Caucus files lawsuit asking Florida Supreme Court to decide whether House departure is unconstitutional.
Anders Croy / Florida Democratic Party

UPDATE 05:01 12:02 p.m.: Democratic Senator Darren Soto of Kissimmee said he will file a reply in the Supreme Court in an hour to Republican House Speaker Steve Crisafulli's argument that the House used a legal parliamentary procedure when it ended the session Tuesday, three days before its scheduled end.


The Legislature agreed to mandate online voter registration by 2017, but don’t log-on yet. Governor Rick Scott’s top elections chief is strongly opposed.  


Environmentalists scooped green sludge from polluted water in South Florida and brought it to the Capitol Tuesday to urge lawmakers to buy nearly 47 thousand acres of Everglades wilderness. 


Governor Rick Scott will have to decide soon whether he wants to give his Department of Economic Opportunity more power to green light planned communities, shopping malls and other large construction projects. As Jim Ash reports, environmentalists spent much of the session fighting the attempt by conservative Republicans.



The House is poised later this week to approve a measure giving nearly 600 local voters the right to make Panacea an official city.


It can start as a lark, a split second of poor judgment and misplaced trust. And it can end in a cyber-nightmare that ruins careers or worse. The Senate gave tentative approval Wednesday to a bill outlawing revenge-porn.

Flrida Department of State

Secretary of State Ken Detzner sees a train wreck if the Legislature forces online voter registration by 2017. But rather than derail the bill, lawmakers are tying the state’s elections chief to the tracks.


Mentally ill consumers, including those with Alzheimer’s disease, would be able to return purchases despite no-refund policies under a bill being sponsored by Democratic Senator Jeremy Ring of Margate. As Jim Ash reports, the bill applies to purchases of 1,000 dollars or more.

Florida Senate

A highly controversial bill pitting civil right against civil right is on final approach to Governor Rick Scott’s desk. While adoption is one of the most private decisions a family can make, a so-called “religious conscience” bill is stirring a very public debate.


When the House drills a little further down its calendar next week, environmentalists will get another chance to do their bit against fracking. Lawmakers are going ahead with plans to create some ground rules for the oil and gas industry.

Florida Secretary of State

The Senate Appropriations Committee turned up the heat Thursday on Governor Rick Scott’s top elections chief to implement an online voter registration system by 2017. As Jim Ash reports, Secretary of State Ken Detzner warned it would cause a quote, “train wreck.”

Florida Senate

The emotional climate of the Legislature is hostile, with budget storms and high pressure in the long-range forecast. And as Jim Ash reports, clouds were also building Thursday over the issue of global warming.

Florida Senate

A last vestige from one of the darkest chapters in Florida’s history fell in the Senate Tuesday. The members took a largely ceremonial vote to wipe a 1977 ban on gay adoptions off the statute books.


Governor Rick Scott hates the idea of online voter registration. The Senate wants it done yesterday.

Wiki Watchee Springs

A massive, industry friendly rewrite of state water policy continued churning through the Senate Wednesday.  Some critics contend the policy changes are a mile wide and only a few inches deep.


Convinced the state is setting aside too many acres for conservation, some conservative lawmakers want to blur the distinction between private and public land. As Jim Ash reports, plans are in the works to open up public preserves for so called “low impact” agriculture.

Florida House of Representatives

A controversial growth management bill is growing less so. Environmentalists and local governments persuaded the sponsor, Republican Representative Mike La Rosa of St. Cloud, to back off a hot-button issue.

Florida House of Representatives

Getting the green light for big housing projects and other large scale development would be easier under a bill up before a House panel Tuesday. As Jim Ash reports, the controversial measure by Republican Representative Mike La Rosa of St. Cloud is drawing angry protest from environmentalists.

Florida House of Representatives

Religious freedom is more important than the bond between a mother and child. As Jim Ash reports, that appears to be the view of some Republican conservatives who want to give adoption agencies the right to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

No self-respecting conservative makes it to Tallahassee without promising to crack down on crime. But that commitment to law and order often stops at the courthouse door.


They take bullets for their partners, work overtime for no pay and don’t get benefits. But as Jim Ash reports, that would change under a proposal by a House Democrat to set up a retirement plan for police dogs.

Florida House of Representatives

After voting last month to end Florida’s 1970s era ban on gay adoption, Conservative Republicans in the Florida House sent a different message Thursday, Jim Ash reports. To the jeers of gay and lesbian parents, the Judiciary Committee agreed to give private adoption agencies the right to discriminate.