Leon County Sheriff's Office

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an inmate’s death at its jail. Unice Emanuell Gallaway, 52, had a history of mental health issues and had been found incompetent by the County court several times.

A roofer working in Oklahoma.
FEMA photo library

The opportunity to sign up for federal aid from FEMA for Hurricane Michael damages will soon be over. The deadline to register for the Emergency Prescription Assistance Program is today.

Bill Nelson's youtube channel

UPDATE: Judge Mark Walker has ruled Florida's system for curing issues with mail-in ballots is being applied unconstitutionally. Walker is giving voters that have problems with their mail-in ballots until 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17, to correct the issue.

Tom Flanigan

The so-called “missing link” of the St. Marks Trail between Tallahassee and the Gulf coast has been finished.

Florida is embroiled in a recount of several key state and federal races that could determine whether Democrats or Republicans will get control of state cabinet posts, and the U.S. Senate delegation. 

Even though Election Day is past that doesn't mean the vote counting is over. Despite claims by the warring sides, under state law that process goes on far longer: until at least November 20th.

Below is a timeline digging in to when votes gets counted and decisions made.

New Owner for Tallahassee's Rail Line

Nov 14, 2018
Tom Flanigan

The rail line that connects Tallahassee to Jacksonville and Pensacola has been for sale since January.

Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend

Despite advancements in both modern medicine and public attitudes, epilepsy still afflicts many thousands of people and remains misunderstood by millions.

Senator Bill Nelson and Governor Rick Scott.
Sen. Bill Nelson's YouTube; Office of Gov. Rick Scott

Amid a recount of Florida's election for U.S. Senator, Republican Governor Rick Scott and Democratic Incumbent Bill Nelson are trading barbs on the national stage. At the same time, a number of advocates on both sides are lending their voices to the candidates.

Voting Stickers.
Element5 Digital / Unsplash

Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Earley will give testimony Wednesday in a case filed by Democratic Senate Candidate Bill Nelson, who wants all votes to count – even those with mismatched signatures.

Tom Flanigan

The greater Tallahassee community gathered at Cascades Park the evening of Sunday, Nov. 11. The event was in tribute to the November 2nd shooting victims at Midtown's Hot Yoga studio.


Florida Public Radio Emergency Network

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Novelist and screenwriter William Goldman, who wrote the beloved cult classic The Princess Bride and won Oscars for writing All the President's Men and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, has died at 87.

Goldman's son-in-law, Mike Pavol, tells NPR that Goldman died Friday morning in New York City.

His legend was cemented in Hollywood, but Goldman himself was an avowed New Yorker. He was born in Chicago, went to Oberlin College in Ohio, served briefly in the military and got a master's in English from Columbia University in New York.

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Updated 12:13 p.m. ET

A federal judge in Washington ruled Friday in favor of CNN in a decision that represents the first legal blows between Trump and the news media.

Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, ordered the White House to restore correspondent Jim Acosta's press credentials.

"Each day he [Acosta] is deprived ... suffers a harm that cannot be remedied in retrospect," Kelly said.

A big car company is going small. Ford is buying electric scooter company Spin.

Ford and Spin won't confirm the price tag, but reports put the purchase price at $100 million and an overall investment from Ford of $200 million.

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