It took a 12 member jury about eight hours of deliberations to return guilty verdicts on all three charges Denise Williams faced in the death of her first husband, Mike Williams, 18 years ago. Mike Williams disappeared the day of the couple's wedding anniversary and was initially presumed to have drowned and been eaten by alligators during a solo hunting trip at Lake Seminole.

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Governor-elect Ron Desantis’s environmental transition team is focusing on water quality and supply. But when climate change didn’t come up in the team’s discussions, advocates for environmental protection took action.

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Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis’ economic transition team held a conference call this week to pitch suggestions on what will drive Florida’s economy going forward.

A jury is weighing the fate of Denise Williams. She’s accused of planning the murder of her first husband 18 years ago. If convicted of the most serious 1st degree murder charge she could face life in prison. 

Lawton chiles
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Florida’s forty-first governor, Lawton Chiles, died this week twenty years ago. Look back at one of “Walkin’ Lawton’s” most famous moments: the he-coon debate.

Florida Supreme Court
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The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that police officers qualify for immunity under the state’s Stand Your Ground Law. Previously, officers had a right to act with force, but could not seek immunity from prosecution.

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Bitcoin scammers sent bomb threats to five Tallahassee businesses. The threats are under investigation, but the Tallahassee Police Department reports no bombs were uncovered.

Facebook: Railroad Square Art District

Owners of Railroad Square announced this week that a plan is in the works to build a hotel in the art district and local businesses in the aea are cautiously looking forward to the partnership.

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Tallahassee’s Community Redevelopment Agency has given the greenlight to a multi-faceted plan to improve the Bond neighborhood. That will be made possible by a $6.4 million investment over three years.

Former Florida House Speaker and FSU President T.K. Wetherell has gone into hospice care after battling cancer for a decade and a half.


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Ryan Zinke is out as secretary of the interior.

Zinke will be leaving the Trump administration at the end of the year; his successor is expected to be announced next week.

On Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted that Zinke is leaving after serving for almost two years. He said Zinke has accomplished much during his tenure and thanked him for his service.

Wolves are making a big comeback in Germany, which is making some Germans uneasy.

Farmers and hunters drove the species out of the country over 150 years ago, but conditions for wolves became more welcoming in 1990, after Germany's reunification extended European endangered species protections to the eastern part of the country.

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